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The art of photography has always been a wonderful means of personal expression for me, allowing me to tap into my emotions, passion, and life’s experiences.  As a traveler, I am typically drawn to the beauty and spirituality of the natural world – the vast landscapes, as well as the close-ups of plants, flowers, wildlife, water and textures.


I often take a photograph based on what I see and feel at a particular moment.  The click captures the image, followed immediately by the question -  what can I do with it?  Where can I take it?  Photoshop is my medium, my paint, my palette, my canvas.  Do I add other elements of nature, change the colors, increase the tonality, make it black and white, make it abstract or keep it more realistic? 


Playing and experimenting with colors, light, saturation, hues, opacity, patterns and textures – all are mystical and part of the creative journey of my images.  By creating layers upon layers, the viewer is drawn into the dynamic complexity and depth of my final vision and product.


Teaching is another component of my goals and ambitions … the aha moment when a student finally grasps that magical moment of understanding light, exposure, aperture, etc.  My passion for photography is as great as my love and passion for teaching new students the fundamentals of photography, the resources, and the availability of so many options and alternatives for them to create meaningful and personal bodies of work.


All this… is who I am and what I love.

Photography by Tamzin B. Smith

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