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Join Elody Crimi on an exciting behind the scenes, hidden gems photo adventure and tour of the National Cathedral during this special time of year when the beautiful golden light of the Winter Solstice comes through the stained glass windows of the South nave and shines deep, glowing colors of light onto the pillars and architecture through the Nave.


Elody is the co-author of Jewels of Light (the book on the stained-glass windows of the Cathedral) and is the photo curator in the Archives of the Cathedral.  She is experienced and familiar with all the passageways and “secret” niches to sensational vantage points, not seen on a typical tour of the Cathedral.

The tour will start at the West End of the Cathedral for a brief 20-minute photo talk to discuss any technical questions you might have regarding your cameras and equipment.  We will then proceed into the Nave and walk along the center aisle to take photos of the light coming through the South Nave windows onto the pillars.  We will then proceed to the Northwest Tower and climb the stairs to the 7th floor, enjoying the hidden stained glass windows and architecture on the various levels (we’ll also stop along the way to go underneath the West Rose window – with a magnificent view of the Nave).  Also on the tour: a walk along the South Triforium level of the Nave, the Overcroft, South Balcony and South Stairwell.


What to Bring:


  • Any camera (DSLR, point and shoot, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy phones, etc.)  Lenses, tripod, and extra batteries (or charged batteries on the Smartphones)
  • Good walking shoes and comfortable clothing (we’ll be doing a lot of walking and climbing!)
  • Water and snacks

Where to Meet:


Check in at the front desk when you arrive at the West Front (follow the signs for visitors).  Note: Your entrance fee is included in the price of the Safari, and your name will be on a special sign-in sheet at the front desk.  Proceed then to the Nave and go to the Docent’s desk (Elody will be there to meet you).


Date is: Thursday, December 19th from 10 AM to 12 PM. Price includes admission to the Cathedral.


Register online at:

Winter Solstice Safari at the Washington National Cathedral

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