Special Groupon or Living Social Registration (e-mail registration information below)

Welcome to the Davanti Photo Workshops!

To register, go to "Workshops" and pick out one class (or 1.5 hours for a Private session). If the cost is $75, then your Groupon or Living Social Voucher will equal the price of that workshop.  Just fill out the form below and indicate which workshop you want to register for in the "Message" section.  Also, please include your Voucher number. (the number under the bar code).


That's it!  You are now registered for a Davanti Photo Workshop and will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Note: If your voucher is expiring soon, and there are no workshops on the current calendar that interest you, please let me know (I'm in the process of reorganizing my studio and have temporarily reduced the number of workshops offered).  I'll still honor the $75 value in the Fall.

Or, if you want a 3-hour Private Lesson - one Voucher (value of $75) can apply towards the $150 cost.  To pay the additional $75, use CODE "Private75".  To pay $50 for any additional students, use the CODE "Student50" (need to do these as separate transactions).  Go to this link to register: https://www.davantiworkshops.com/product-page/private-lessons

Note: only one Voucher or discount per workshop.


And, please call if you have questions or suggestions (for new workshops, dates, times, etc).  Thanks!

Tel: 571-274-2051

Davanti Photo – Studio 211

Artists and Makers Studios 2

12276 Wilkins Avenue

Rockville, MD  20852

e-mail: DavantiPhoto@gmail.com

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