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About this Workshop:

This virtual, online course provides extensive training to Photoshop Elements 2020, specifically for the art student.  It teaches all of the fundamentals and basic, essential Elements’ tools that an artist needs to enhance and edit great images, as well as how to analyze a work in progress, abstract a concept, find inspiration, and create a color palette to analyze and create color changes. You will also learn how to create your own custom swatch libraries, transfer your images to the canvas, either by creating a B/W (tonal) outline of your image, creating a grid, or printing your image to actual canvas size (and tracing it onto the canvas).  In addition, you will learn about image size adjustments, pixels per inch (PPI), PS Elements’ digital canvas size, cropping (and other methods to arrive at proportional photos to your canvas), and how to prepare digital images for submission to art shows or competitions.


This class will primarily take advantage of training videos produced by the instructor and provided to students each week to cover that week’s lesson. We will then meet weekly via Zoom for 5 one-hour sessions, allowing time for questions and answers, homework review, a quick overview of each week’s video topics, and a demo of the homework assignments. All material (videos, handouts, images used in the exercises, etc.) will be available via the instructor’s website.




Photoshop Elements for the Painter

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